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Harici Paydaşlardan Geri Bildirim Almak

Receiving Feedback from External Stakeholders


Harici Paydaşlardan Geri Bildirim Almak

Using F4e, you can collect feedback from external sources with whom your organization interacts, such as customers, suppliers, subcontractors, in addition to internal stakeholders. This feature is designed to make the most of 360-degree feedback, helping your organization and employees improve by incorporating feedback from your customers.

For instance, after delivering a project for your customer, you can gather feedback on your employees from both your internal project team and your customer. You can use this feedback for both developmental purposes and as input during performance evaluation periods.

With the competency assessment and feedback tools offered, you can define as many third-party external stakeholders in your account as you like. Each external stakeholder account created allows you to continue collecting feedback in the future.


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