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Welcome to our new webpage!


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About Us

Feedback for Excellence (F4e) believes that excellence in performance is a change management topic. Each and every organisation starts from somewhere, and with the trends that are shaping the world of work, they have a “to go” culture. Furthermore the pace of change differs based from organisation to organisation.

At F4e, we are firm believers that platforms like us are only a part of the picture, hence we support our partners with our Change Management Consultancy services to truly help companies achieve outcomes they are seeking, equip them with best practices, and accompany them to their next level, no matter where they start from.

Meet the 4e of performance excellence!

4e Model constitutes the philosophical basis of our work. We believe the need to involve the 4 dimensional tactics to achieve excellence in performance for employees to be fully engaged in the process.
All modules in the platform as well as our approach in Process Engineering and Change Management Consultancy is built using the power of 4e principles.
Our platform and services are built around 3 principles:
While flexibility allows for a better fit for company specific needs which may change over time, simplicity is critical for types of users even though the platform entails many details thanks to our deep expertise in HR management.

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