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Hedef Yönetiminde Yeni Özellikler

New Features in Goal Management


Hedef Yönetiminde Yeni Özellikler

We have made improvements to the goal setting and management process on our platform. We have added the following features to goals based on the requests we received from you.

Comments About Goals

We have added a comments section where employees and managers can have mutual discussions about the set goals. This allows both parties to ask questions about the progress of goals and, in case of any unclear issues, communicate through the platform.

Goal History

We have started keeping a record of updates made to goals, showing who made changes, when they made them, and what changes were made, in the goal window.

Goal Types

We have defined three standard goal types (Company Goal, Departmental Goal, Personal Goal) and made it mandatory to select one when creating a goal.

Goal Grouping

We have enabled the grouping of goals on the page where employee goals are listed, based on category or goal type.

Goal Reminders

We have improved the weekly goal status report sent to employees every Friday via email.

Goal Reminders

We have enabled HR managers to send reminders to managers who have not scored their employees’ goals and to employees who have not set goals.

Do you have any requests for our features and possible improvements? You can contact us at support@feedback4e.com.


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